Maintaining your Gates

Automated gates need regular maintenance to ensure they are reliable, that they last, and perhaps most imprtantly so that they continue to operate safely. Depending on the type of automated gate you have, maintaining it should be a simple process if you follow the maintenance instructions that should be included with your gates. Some maintenance may need to be carried out by a professional but the average property owner can carry out the procedures listed below.

Inspect your gates regularly

  • Check the gate opener, metal racks, drive belt, dents in panels, electrical connections, rollers and bearings etc.
  • Check all bolts are tight and in place.
  • Look for signs of wear or damage in bearings,  pivot points and bushes.
  • Check if wooden components need repainting, treating with oil or staining.

Check for rust

If you catch rust early enough it can be removed by simply washing with a mild household detergent. More extreme rust can be removed by scrubbing affected areas with sandpaper or a wire brush.

Lubricate moving parts

Parts should be treated every six months with the manufacturers recommended lubricant. Parts that need lubrication are those that are responsible for moving the gates automatically – these are the chain, roller, pulley, hinge etc.  A friction-free surface will ensure safe operation and prevent wear and tear.

Swing gates and sliding gates often have internal chains that should be lubricated regularly.

The life and performance of your automated gate system will depend on how well they are maitained. You should choose a gate supplier/installer that has reliable and qualified service technicians that you can call if you have any problems.