Gate Operator

A gate operator is a mechanical device used to open and close an electric gate allowing access to your driveway. The two main types of electric gate openers are electromechanical and hydraulic. Electric gate operators are manufactured for both sliding and swinging gates. They can be operated with a wireless transmitter or manual device. Automatic gate openers that require a low voltage can also be fitted with solar panels so they can operate when there is no electricity.

The Hydraulic Gate Operator

The hydraulic gate operator is used to automatically open an electric gate. This operator uses hydraulic fluids to operate the required motion. Usually hydraulic operators have less moving parts than mechanical operators.

Hydraulic motors are capable of producing more power than mechanical motors for heavy sized automatic barriers and do not have to work at full power when operating heavy gates.

The Mechanical Gate Operator

A mechanical gate operator uses power from the mains to open a driveway gate. They can be programmed to open with a wireless transmitter or a manual device. Automatic gate operators can also be fitted with solar panels to operate without high voltage power. Manufacturers of mechanical gate operators often offer additional battery backup to ensure operation during loss of electricity.