Safety Regulations in Europe

If you are having electric gates installed they must meet with the Machinery directive 2006/42/EC with EN13241-1. It is the gate installer who is responsible for the conformity to regulation and not the manufacturer.

The EN regulations that apply are the EN 12453 which outlines the safety levels that should be observed when installing a gate and the EN12445 which outlines the method of testing which must be carried out after installation.

The important factors to take into consideration are the maximum amount of force at certain test points. A full risk assessment of the gates must be carried out with all crush, cutting points shown with appropriate protection devices offered with a recommended maintenance program. Finally the installer must provide confirmation that all electrical equipment fitted has the European CE mark all the time.

To conform to these regulations the gate system must be checked with a calibrated force tester and the full results kept in a technical file for 7 years. If the gate is not tested it does not comply.

Recent incidents in the UK involving children have resulted in the UK Health and Safety department issuing a Gate Safety Bulletin.

The above information is provided for general guidelines only - for further information please visit the HSE website.