Wooden Electric Gates

Wooden electric gates are the most popular choice for most property owners. This is because wooden gates provide a range of benefits including increased security and privacy of your property while increasing its aesthetic value. Although wooden gates can enhance your property, it is important to perform regular maintenance in order to keep their look and durability.

Treated Wooden Electric Gates

Treated timber gates are extremely durable against the elements and pests because the wood used has been pressure treated using a preservative during the manufacturing process. Some gate owners apply a wood stain to enhance the appearance of the gates and keep them looking fresh.

Untreated Wooden Gates

As the majority of wooden gates are made from softwood, it is important that they are stained to protect them from the elements. After installation apply fresh coats of good quality stain to the entire gate. A good quality stain repels water which lessens the effects of harsh weather. Painted Wooden Gates Painted timber will require more attention to maintain its natural features. Make sure to sand the surface of the painted wooden gate to remove loose paint. No matter what type of finish you apply to your gate, it is important to sand the gate back to bare wood every 8 to 10 years. This will make it would be easier to spot any decaying parts.

Wooden electric gates will last for a long time, provided that they are properly and regularly maintained.